Hey Carmelo Anthony, YA DONE!


Carmelo Anthony has had an interesting career to say the least.  One one hand he is a 10 time All Star, 6 time All-NBA, a former NCAA champion, has three gold medals from his time with Team USA, and is currently sits at 19th in all time career scoring.

On the other hand, he has been slowly declining the past five or so years.  His player efficiency rating has gone from 24.8 in 2012-2013 to a dismal 12.8 this past season (for reference the league average for PER is 15).  This season he averaged a whopping 16.2 points per game while shooting a career low 40% from the field.  All of which are career lows for Melo.  His Value Over Replacement Player dropped to -1.1 this season.  That ranks 537th out of 540 players who qualified

The sad part about all of this is that he still has a player option left on his contract next year.  Carmelo is going to cost the Thunder $27.9 million next year to produce those type of numbers.  He has become a complete shell of himself and honestly looks like he doesn’t care one bit.  His best option at this point would be to take a pay cut and ride onto his boy LeBron’s coattails.

Carmelo, instead of riding on LeBron’s coattails and continuing on this terrible path you are on.  Do everyone a favor and just retire.  You have done nothing but tarnish your legacy the past couple years.  You forced your way out of New York and now you are simply collecting a paycheck while going through the motions.

Mailing it in and collecting $30 million while being absolutely horrendous at your job is the American dream.  None of us want to see that though.  Do everyone a favor and just hang it up Carmelo.  You have enough money man, go ride off into the sunset and become a reality star with Lala.

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