Bat flips should be encouraged not chastised


Over the weekend, Carlos Gomez hit a walkoff homerun against the Minnesota Twins.  To say he did a bat flip would really not do his celebration justice.  Take a look for yourself:

I will admit, that celebration was probably a bit much for a game in April when your team is below .500.  That is not the point though, the point is Carlos Gomez was getting destroyed on Twitter for this move.  There were people saying the Twins should throw at his head next time they face him.  Imagine that, people are suggesting someone throw a baseball at 95+ MPH at someone’s head for celebrating a homerun.  Throwing a baseball at someone’s head could potentially kill them and that is what people are suggesting be done here?!??! All for a celebration?!?!

I understand the unwritten rules of baseball and it is a game of class and respect.  Let me ask you this question, what other sport frowns on celebrations after something good is done?  That answer is none.  NBA players dunk on someone and stare into their soul.  They hit three pointers or game winning shots and walk down the entire court celebrating.  The NFL finally came to their senses and allowed players to do group celebrations after touchdowns.  The results? People love it, I know shocking right?!?!?

Hit a homerun in baseball and look at it a bit too long, well sir you should be taken out back and shot to death.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  There does not need to be a celebration for hitting a homerun but come on people.  You know how cool it feels to hit a homerun? I did it once in a company softball game, it felt amazing.  I cannot imagine the adrenaline from hitting a homerun in front of a stadium full of people cheering for you.

Let’s change some of these unwritten rules in baseball and allow for a little bit of fun.  Stop worrying about pace of play and mound visits, let the players show a little bit of personality.  That is how you grow a sport, promote the players and what they stand for. Now watch this video of amazing bat flips and then tell me you don’t agree with everything I have said.  You won’t.

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