The Patriots trade up to draft Baker Mayfield?


On Monday night Bill Belichick was at it again, the Patriots traded their #1 receiver Brandin Cooks.  They packaged a 4th round pick with Cooks and received the 23rd overall pick and a 6th round pick this year.   A lot of people are wondering what the Patriots are doing trading away their best receiving option after losing Danny Amendola earlier this year.  I will tell you exactly what they are doing, trading up to get this guy…


Yep, Bill Belichick is stockpiling draft picks to trade up and draft Baker Mayfield.  I know this sounds absolutely insane right now but just hear me out.

This is the only logical reasoning for all of this.  Brandin Cooks has an expiring contract and the Patriots tried to negotiate an extension.  That didn’t work so the Patriots then reached out to the Rams and this trade came to fruition.   They now have two 1st round picks and two 2nd round picks in this year’s draft.  With the insane market value of a QB these days, they most likely will need to trade three of those picks if not all of them to move up to where they would need to be to draft a QB.

Here is my wild theory about all of this, stay with me folks we’re going to get a little woke here.  Bill Belichick drafted his heir apparent to Tom Brady many years ago.  This man was Jimmy Garoppolo.  It was set up perfect for Tom Brady to ride off into the sunset and Jimmy would take over after a few years of mentorship from Tom.  As we all know, this is not what happened.  Tom Brady continued to play at an elite level and the Patriots were forced to make a decision about their quarterback moving forward.

Bill Belichick wanted the Patriots to pay Jimmy whatever he wanted to be the backup QB until Tom Brady retired.  The Patriots were not willing to empty the Brinks truck for a backup QB which is completely reasonable.  Bill Belichick in return traded Garoppolo for a measly 2nd round pick.  Patriots fans were not happy with this return and many thought Belichick did this as a slap in the face to owner Robert Kraft.  There was the ESPN article claiming turmoil between the leaders of the Patriots organization.  Much of which was shot down as a headline grab, I tend to believe some of it was true.  This leads me to this point.

Bill Belichick feels disrespected by the Patriots organization.

There is no doubt about that.  It is very clear that Josh McDaniels signed back on with the Patriots this year to eventually take over the reigns as head coach.  Bill Belichick is now going to give Bob Kraft a huge middle finger on his way out the door this year.  Baker Mayfield could not be further from a Patriot player.  His brash personality is the opposite of the class the Patriot organization has portrayed throughout the years.  Belichick showed in the Garoppolo deal that he has a huge ego and is not above petty moves to make a statement.  He has Tom Brady this year, so he does not care about the future of the team.

The Tampa Bay Bucs and Chicago Bears sit at picks #7 and #8, neither of these teams need a franchise quarterback.  They will each gladly take four picks in the first two rounds and the Patriots will be in the perfect position to draft Baker Mayfield.  Bill Belichick gets to ride off into the sunset with Tom Brady for his last year of coaching.  He also gets to screw over Bob Kraft in the process.  It sounds crazy, but Bill Belichick has a gigantic ego.  Starting in the year 2019, Baker Mayfield will be the starting quarterback of the New England Patriots.  You heard it here first folks.

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