Why Loyola will win the NCAA Championship


Loyola Chicago continues its March to the National Championship tonight versus Nevada. I am here to tell you that Loyola Chicago will be the team cutting down the nets at the end of the whole thing.  Hot take right? Well here is exactly why they will be the ones at the end of the One Shining Moment video when it is all said and done.

First off, they are actually a very good team.  This is not your average sneak into the tournament Cinderella story.   Loyola has won 30 games this season.  They had the resume to earn an at large bid if they did not win the Missouri Valley conference tournament.   They have the Valley Player of the Year in Clayton Custer.  Their RPI is top-30 in the country and they’re ranked ahead of Syracuse and K-State on KenPom.  Three of their five losses occurred when Clayton Custer was not playing.  This team means business.

B) They have the entire city of Chicago rooting for them.  Chicago does not have a college team to really root for.  DePaul has been a joke for decades now, Chicago has been looking for someone to put their faith behind.  The Ramblers are that team. Not to mention, they have the most popular musician on the planet from Chicago rooting for them…

Oh and Barry O.

III- The Ramblers have God on their side.  They have now won on two straight buzzer beaters.  Sister Jean is working her magic on the sidelines.  She has become and international superstar, not just national right Sr. Jean?  Whatever prayer she has been saying in the locker room before the game is working.  I need Sister Jean to say a prayer on my life, woman has a special arrangement with God.

4. Loyola fans all wear Harry Potter scarves.  They are not just mere muggles, they have powers much larger than that.  This has to be worth something righit? I mean look at these scarves, straight out of Hogwarts.


And the biggest reason Loyola will win the National Championship is the fact that there are no #1 seeds on their side of the bracket. The highest seed is #3 Michigan and they would not face them until the Final Four.  Sure, a matchup against Coach Cal and Kentucky in the Elite Eight would not be the easiest of tasks but what has been easy so far for Loyola?  They have worked their tail off to get where they are and I do not see them stopping now.

Everyone loves a good Cinderella story and it is now time for a GREAT Cinderella story. Come on you Ramblers, you have the entire country behind you!

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