Is today the best sports day of the year?


The madness has finally arrived folks.  Offices around the country will see a large dip in their productivity.  As a matter of fact, according to Wallethub corporate America will lose $6.3 billion due to unproductive workers during March Madness.  Everyone at this point is full of hope, they are convinced they are going to win their March Madness pools.  Please don’t tell anyone that the odds of filling out a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion.  No one likes a Debbie downer.

This got me thinking, is this the best sports day of the year?

I started to think of other comparable days. You cannot compare days that your specific team is in a title game so you must think about the general public.  The only other sports days that compared in my opinion were Super Bowl Sunday and Opening Day for baseball.

Super Bowl Sunday in my opinion is the real only worthy adversary in this conversation.  Everyone watches the Super Bowl.  People across the country have parties for the game.  Super Bowl Sunday falls short in the interest of the general public.  Most people do not have a rooting interest in the Super Bowl.  They are there for the party, the commercials, and the copious amounts of food.

Opening Day for baseball season is also in this conversation in my opinion.  I am biased since baseball is my favorite sport by far.  Opening Day for baseball season provides hope for fans across the country.  Baseball reminds people of warm weather and Opening Day provides a glimpse into what is going to come.  Everyone is convinced this is the year their team finally gets over the hump.  There is baseball on all day long.  The only problem with Opening Day for baseball is a lot of people just aren’t baseball fans.  This leads to a good amount of folks just really not caring about this day.

This is why Thursday and Friday of March Madness are the best days of the sports year.  There are games on for 12+ hours straight for two consecutive days.  They are on during work, so you have an excuse to slack off.  Everyone loves a good excuse to slack off during work.  Whereas in my previous two examples there are some people who just do not care, that is the complete opposite for these two days.  Everyone and their mother fills out a bracket.  Carol in accounting is picking by the mascots, Jimmy in sales thinks he is a sports guru, and Bob in Finance is just picking the favorites.  He is convinced the favorites mathematically always end up on top.  Many people also take these days off work to enjoy two straight days of getting drunk and eating too much food.

Enjoy it while it lasts folks, your brackets will be busted soon enough.  Time to send you out with one of the best sports songs there is…

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