2018 NFL Free Agent Live Blog


NFL Free agency is off and running folks!  The Browns gave us a little tease over the weekend.  The negotiation window opened Monday morning and players can officially sign Wednesday at 4:00 PM EST.  I am going to continue updating this blog as signings come in, so stay tuned folks!

Let’s take a look at everything that has happened thus far.

The first big domino of free agency fell while everyone was tucked away in bed.  The Broncos solved their quarterback issue by signing Case Keenum.  This officially takes them out of the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes.  Case Keenum proved to be a very solid quarterback last year. It will be very interesting to see how he pans out in Denver as they try to capture one last title before their window closes.

Mitch Trubisky please meet your new best friend Allen Robinson.  The Bears filled a gigantic hole at wide receiver with the most sought after wideout on the market.  Allen Robinson is a former pro bowl receiver who is only 24 years old.  It looks like the contract is going to be 3 years, $42M with roughly $25M guaranteed. There is concern as Allen Robinson is coming off an ACL injury but he has stated he will be ready for training camp.  To put Bears fans at ease, here are a few notable players who have seen success after a torn ACL: Carson Palmer (twice), Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Todd Gurley, Jordy Nelson, Rob Gronkowski, Tyrann Mathieu, and Eric Berry just to name a few.  Obviously, there is a list of players who never were the same after a torn ACL but we choose to believe in optimism here at Stay Tuned Folks!

After losing Allen Robinson, the Jaguars are fully committing to the run game.  The have a dominant defense and now have shored up their dominant rushing games.  Look for Leonard Fournette to get roughly 550 carries next year after this move.

The Chiefs continued their overhaul by creating a dream situation for first year starter Patrick Mahomes.  He will now have Sammy Watkins to go along with Travis Kelce, Kareem Hunt, and Tyreek Hill.  The Chiefs have put him in the best situation to succeed, well done Kansas City.

To no one’s surprise, 39 year old QB Drew Brees signed an extension.  The Saints look to capitalize on his last few years, while Drew Brees gets one last big payday.  This should workout perfect as the Saints can now draft whatever quarterback they see promise in the next two  years.

Danny Woodhead’s run with the Ravens was not the most memorable for the captain of the grit squad.  He suffered a hamstring injury early last season and never really looked the same.  Woodhead is intriguing for those teams looking for a pass catching option out of the backfield.

The Dolphins fill the void left by the Jarvis Landry departure.  A low risk, safe option in the slot that will have some very big shoes to fill. Landry had 112 receptions out of the slot in Miami so expect Albert Wilson to see a heavy workload from day 1.

Big pay day for Trey Burton.  The Bears are going to pay the Super Bowl magician $32 million over the next 4 years.  This is a big get for the Bears who continue to bolster their once dismal offense.  They drafted Adam Shaheen last year with their 2nd round pick.  Trey Burton combined with a young tight end that has often been compared to Gronk. Chicago is not messing around folks.

Zero shock here from anyone.  Kirk Cousins is a midwest boy at heart.  He was born in the suburbs of Chicago, grew up in Michigan, and attended Michigan State.  This solidifies the Vikings as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.  Yes, I know they made it to the NFC Championship game last year but the quarterback position was a question mark all year long.  Kirk Cousins finally gets the big contract he deserves.  The Vikings get a premier quarterback to pair with their premier defense. Rumors are this deal will be 3 years, $86 million fully guaranteed.  The first contract of it’s kind.  It is about time someone in the NFL got a fully guaranteed contract.  Good for you Kirk.

The Redskins now move onto life without Kirk.  This should fill the tiny void left by Terelle Pryor.  A 5 year deal seems a bit excessive for a receiver who has never had more than 45 catches in a season. Alex Smith now has a vaunting receiver core of Paul Richardson,  Jamison Crowder, and Josh Doctson. Interesting move from the Redskins in my opinion.

Arizona has decided to sign a quarterback.  I would say having a quarterback on your roster is a good idea.  It will be very interesting to see how Bradford bounces back after another year of injuries.  This deal is a 1 year deal for $20 million with a guarantee of $15 million.  This is a good deal for both sides.  Sam Bradford gets to prove himself and the Cardinals get to see if Bradford could possibly be a long term solution at quarterback.

The Miami Dolphins continue to bolster their receiving core for Ryan Tannehill.  They add another slot receiver to the mix in Danny Amendola, joining Albert Wilson.  These two paired with Devante Parker should lead to a pretty solid group for life after Jarvis Landry.

This is honestly too perfect of a fit.  Teddy Bridgewater could join a long list of failed Jets quarterbacks.  The Jets couldn’t get the big ticket quarterback in Kirk Cousins so they settle on Teddy Bridgewater.  You would have think they learned their lesson with this type of quarterback in Geno Smith.  This should be very fun to watch folks!

The NFC North gets richer.  In my opinion, this division will be one of the deepest in the NFL this year.  This gives Aaron Rodgers another red zone target.  It will be very interesting to see the money involved.  Rumors have been circulating that Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb could be cut to save money.  This will be very interesting to watch, stay tuned folks!

The Bears continue to bolster their offense, what a day for the Monsters of the Midway! Taylor Gabriel has shown flashes of productivity but has often been overshadowed by Julio Jones in Atlanta. He is one fast mamma jamma, he really makes fast people look not fast. It will be very interesting to see how he fits in this new and improved Chicago Bears offense.

At just like that the rumors that I stated above become true.  Jordy Nelson is someone who I think benefits A LOT from playing with Aaron Rodgers.  They always seemed to be on the exact same page. I could see him going to a team like the 49ers.  They are in need of a top tier wide receiver to pair with their young, franchise quarterback. He is 33 so maybe he sees himself with another top quarterback to finish out his career.  Do not be shocked if Bill Belichick decides to give Jordy a call.

The Jaguars try to fill out their receiving core after letting Allen Robinson walk.  The wideouts Blake Bortles will be throwing to are Marqise Lee, Donte Moncrief, Dede Westbrook, and Allen Hurns.  I have zero idea what to make of this crew if we are being honest.  The Jags probably just are hoping for the best from these guys and will depend heavily on the run game on offense.

This really doesn’t move the needle much for the Giants. Stewart instantly becomes the #1 running back in the Meadowlands.  He has had trouble staying healthy throughout his career and I expect that trend to continue for the 30 year old. I fully expect the Giants to draft a running back this year and have Stewart mentor this young buck.

Malcolm Butler finds a home.  There was clearly a disconnect in New England after Butler mysteriously sat out the Super Bowl.  Hopefully a new landscape will do the young cornerback well.

Signing a former pro bowler isn’t the worst idea in the world.  The Packers have struggled on the defensive side of the ball as of late.  Wilkerson and the Jets just were not going to workout.  It will be interesting to see how he fits in with this Packers team.

Dion Lewis and Derrick Henry in your backfield, not too shabby.  Derrick Henry should get the majority of carries with Lewis being a nice change of pace back.  These two excelling together will only lead to good things for Marcus Mariota.

The Browns have really puzzled me with this one.  The consensus is that they will draft Saquon Barkley with the #1 pick. Carlos Hyde is coming off consecutive seasons with 900+ yards and 6+ touchdowns.  The Browns also have been rumored to be working on an extension with RB Duke Johnson.  I think they may be going with the let’s just throw a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks method.

Good for Jerrick McKinnon. He has never made more than $1 million a year in his career.  He has never reached over 1,000 yards from scrimmage in his career.  Here he is signing a 7 year deal making $7.5 million a year.  You go Jerrick McKinnon.

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