Do monkeys smoke regularly?


A video surfaced recently of a man in an Indonesian zoo tossing a cigarette to an orangutan.  That orangutan then picks up the square and inhales it like Thomas Shelby, take a look for yourself…

This has led to absolute outrage of course.  Many people are calling for the zoo to be shut down. My main question here is, do monkey actually smoke cigarettes regularly?  I did a search on the wonderful thing that is YouTube.  This is the first thing that came up…


This video was from a few years ago but I think it all but solidifies the answer to my question.  Monkeys do in fact smoke cigarettes regularly.  If monkeys did not smoke regularly, wouldn’t they just pick up that cigarette and try to eat it?

The monkey picked up the cigarette and began smoking it like a normal human being in multiple different videos.  Someone isn’t out there teaching these monkeys how to smoke.  Do they smoke more than just cigarettes?  Are there hipster monkeys out on the west coast that are vaping?  They already realize the negative effects of cigarettes on their lungs so they have moved over to vaping.  Are there young monkeys out there that are all about the juul?

I have so many questions after watching this monkey smoke that cigarette.  I am not concerned about the safety of the zoo one bit.  I am convinced these monkeys are sneaking around and have people on the outside providing them with cigarettes.  A zoo is pretty much prison for a wild animal so you have to imagine they have animals on the outside smuggling goods into the zoo for them.  I imagine Curious George is out there smuggling in some Marlboro Red.  Rafiki is coming through with the best marijuana on Earth.

I am convinced these monkeys smoke much more than cigarettes and who knows what they will do next.  Hopefully it isn’t drinking our beer…

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