For The Ladies


By now you know, today is International Women’s Day.  A day to appreciate the beautiful, wonderful females across the globe.  You were conceived by one of these females, don’t forget that.

The past year has been especially powerful for women with the #MeToo movement.  It has given women a platform to speak out and have a voice.

A special shoutout to all the ladies in my life. My mom, my sister, my grandmother, my girlfiend, and all the other women in my life.  Today is for you as is everyday.

So today, I chose to highlight some of the women that I think are awesome and deserve some extra recognition…

Tami Taylor 


Some of you may be thinking, wait isn’t that Connie Britton? Nope, it is Tami Taylor.  Tami Taylor is the greatest of all time when it comes to TV mothers.  She takes Tyra Colette under her wing and helps her throughout high school.  Shes progresses from school counselor to school principal.  When Coach Taylor gets the job at TMU, she tells him to go pursue his dreams. She holds down the Taylor household and is the real boss of the show.  Not to mention, there is no person on Earth that can deliver a better hey y’all…




You want to talk women empowerment, that conversation better involve Riri.  Rihanna is the baddest mamma jamma there is.  She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.  Not to mention, any song you put her on becomes an absolute smash hit.  She is someone women should look up to when it comes to expressing themselves.  I mean look at this picture, do you think she really cares what other people think of her?

rihanna one love

Rihanna > Beyonce.


Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston has been my celebrity crush for my entire life.  She will be 50 next year and she looks like that. Enough said.


Carrie Underwood


We could sit here and talk about her legs.  Everyone knows about how great her legs are so we are going to focus on something else.  Carrie Underwood has absolute PIPES.  I absolutely love a woman singer who can belt it (shoutout to my girl Pink).  This song may be a little sad, but just listen to her let it loose.  Get it Carrie.


Britney Spears


A lot of people call Beyonce the queen and I simply will not stand for this.  Britney Spears is and always will be the queen.  Her list of hits goes on for days upon days.  She has shown women it is okay to go a little crazy, just make sure you get it all together eventually.  I will leave you with one of her songs that just really does not get enough love, listen to Britney belt it in this one…


There you have it, there are a few ladies that I personally love.  Shoutout to all the ladies out there, you have it much harder than us men in this life.  Thank you for everything you do.

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