The Five Newest NFL Combine Events

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The 2018 NFL Combine kicks off this week in Indianapolis.  The NFL has decided to add 5 new events to this combine this year in order to really stay with the times.  They have decided that a few of the old events are outdated so have gone with these events to really stay with the times.

Police Dog Chase 


This year the NFL has decided there has to be a better way to showcase elusiveness.  The cone drill has become too easy, anyone can run around stationary cones fast.  The real elusiveness comes when you are trying to outrun a trained police dog.  These dogs do not mess around, they are much more ferocious than these…


These NFL prospects will have some of the best athletes in the world trying to catch and tackle them.  Why do we have them run around these stationary cones to test their elusiveness?  Who knows! Well now we can really tell who is elusive when they have an 150 pound German Shepard that wants to rip their head off

Garbage Can Toss


The NFL has decided to go away from throwing to your traditional receivers in the combine.  They realized this is something that is very easy to see on film, no need to waste their time at the combine with it.  They now want to see how quarterbacks toss the ball into tight spaces.  The garbage can is placed at different distances and prospects must throw the football at the perfect angle to land it in the garbage can.  At the end of the day, touch matters a lot in the NFL not whipping spirals at receivers moving at high speeds. Everyone knows that.

Clean and Jerk


The bench press is old hat.  The NFL realizes it and they are getting with the times to test strength nowadays.  Crossfit is the coolest thing since sliced bread, ask Caleb in the cube over.  Participants will perform the clean and jerk and then go around telling every single prospect how they did in the event.  If you don’t tell everyone about the crossfit moves you perform then do you really crossfit bro?

The Nate Robinson Jump


Nate Robinson wants to get back in the spotlight.  He is pumped about his role in the upcoming Uncle Drew movie and the NFL is providing him with a little promotion.  They also are helping judge athletes vertical leap.  They came to the realization that stationary jumping to touch plastic rods was not sufficient.  The NFL wanted to simulate what it is like to jump over actual human beings.  It has become part of the NFL…


What’s the best way to showcase this ability you ask? I have your solution, you jump over Nate Robinson.  For those athletes that perform this task with ease, Nate will then stand on a chair like he does to change light bulbs in his home.  Jump over Nate while he puts in a light bulb in the kitchen.  Nate Robinson gets back in the spotlight to promote his movie, NFL teams find out if prospects can successfully jump over human for highlight reel purposes.  Win win.

Can you remember my order?


The Wonderlic test was nice sure but it really didn’t do a great job of testing a player’s memory.  It is important that these prospects can remember every intricate detail of the playbook at all times.  For this reason, the NFL has decided to switch up their knowledge testing this year.  Each prospect will take a table of 8 patrons, each of these patrons will then order their meal, each person will have dietary restrictions.  This is how you really test someone’s memory.  Good luck getting Susie’s order correct Josh Rosen, don’t forget she has a peanut allergy!  Oh and the biggest secret of them all, each of these patrons will want separate checks.  To really catch the prospect off guard, one of the patrons will yell AUDIBLE!!! The prospect will then have to remember each person’s order and present the check to them within 5 minutes.


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