We are spoiled by this era of NBA players


You hate the super teams and the players don’t care until the playoffs. I understand that narrative but please just hear me out on this.

This era of NBA superstars is one of the deepest in the history of the game.  Sure, the Warriors look to be unstoppable but the talent pool is so deep that there are enough super teams to go around for everyone. It is the norm now for a big man to shoot 40% from 3 points range.  In order to play in today’s game of basketball, you need to be an ABSOLUTE freak of nature.  Take a look at the age of the starters from the All Star game this year:

LeBron James– 33 years old

Giannis Antetokounmpo- 23 years old

Joel Embiid- 23 years old

Kyrie Irving- 23 years old

DeMar DeRozan- 28 years old

Steph Curry-29 years old

James Harden- 28 years old

Kevin Durant- 29 years old

Anthony Davis- 24 years old

Russell Westbrook- 29 years old

A whopping ONE person over the age of 30 and that man is currently one of the front runners for MVP this season.  That is just the starters from the All Star game.  We have a player that will go down as arguably the greatest all around player of all time in LeBron James.  The best 3 point shooter of all time in Steph Curry.  A player that average a triple double in the 2016-2017 season in Russell Westbrook. Giannis is not even of this world so I don’t even know what to compare him to.  Kyrie Irving has a gold medal, an NBA championship, and a Rookie of the Year award at the age of 25. James Harden and Kevin Durant will go down as some of the greatest pure scorers in NBA history.

This is just how good the best of the absolute best are in the NBA.  The Rooke of the Year race looks to be one of the closest races in recent history with Slam Dunk champion Donovan Mitchell, Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma, Lauri Markkanen, and Jayson Tatum.  I haven’t even mentioned other NBA superstars such as Jimmy Butler, DeMarcus Cousins, Kristaps Porzingis, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson, Paul George, Andre Drummond, LaMarcus Aldridge, Karl Anthony-Towns, and Draymond Green. I legitimately could go on and on about the talent that is in the NBA.  We are dirty spoiled with all this talent and we don’t even realize it.

My ask of everyone is to calm down with the worry of the super teams, they have been going on forever.  You only realize it now because everything is over hyped on social media. Not to mention, this era of basketball is FULL of drama 24/7.  If you don’t find that at least somewhat entertaining then go take up knitting or something.  The 90’s were an era of basketball that people will never forget, this is another era that will go down in history.  Take time to watch the product on the floor, I guarantee you will see something you won’t want to miss.



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