Three websites for the rest of your life, I bet you forgot this one


Today on my favorite podcast KFC Radio, they posed a hypothetical that I need to share.  You get three websites for the rest of your life, what are you choosing? To clarify, all other websites are gone from existence.  If you think you found a loophole and are just gonna pick google to search for all these websites well sorry that is against the rules.  I thought of an answer that is absolutely necessary for everyone, so here are my three:



This one is too obvious for me and a must.  I have discussed at length before how Twitter is king.  You can still be connected with everything that is happening in the world by picking Twitter.  You also can watch pretty much every single sports highlight you need.  You can keep up with current events.  There is no downside to picking Twitter, it is the social media platform that churns out the most content.  In a time where this will be your only form of social media entertainment most likely, you need one that will always be providing new material.




I get it, I should pick Amazon so I can order stuff and then use their website to watch all the shows/movies they have.  Nope, I am not looking for a loophole here folks.  Netflix is also king.  It has all the best shows and movies you want.  You can get lost in this for literal days.  Not to mention, I am sure Amazon will eventually buy Netflix and probably have their own cable network as well.  Choosing Netflix right now is an investment you will thank me for later in life.  Netflix on in the background while scrolling through Twitter on my phone, I actually do not mind this life so far.


Google Maps 


Hear me out on this one please before you close this window and never read another thing I put out because of this choice.  Anyone who does not pick this will be lost for the rest of their life.  That or they will legitimately never leave their home.  I know what you are thinking, you will just pick Uber and they will know where to go.  Do you have enough money to afford Uber rides everywhere for the rest of your life? I did not think so.  Imagine in 10 years when you need to take little Jimmy over to Richard’s house for playtime.  Richard lives 10 minutes away, not too far of a drive.  How on Earth are you going to get there without direction?  I don’t want to hear you will just purchase a map and figure it out that way either.  I have zero idea how people used to get around without Google Maps or MapQuest (Google Maps before Google Maps for all the young kids).  End of the day, you will be driving much more than taking an Uber throughout your life.  You need to know where to go.

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