The NCAA vacating wins/championships is so dumb


The NCAA is the worst run organization on this entire planet.  This is nothing new to any of you but I need to make that clear before I move on.

The NCAA announced Tuesday that it has upheld Louisville’s appeal and the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship banner will come down. Louisville will also be forced to vacate wins as well as the 2012 Final Four appearance.  This all stems from allegations regarding multiple infractions Louisville basketball has incurred throughout the past few years.

I am here to ask what is the point of removing wins/championships from programs?  The stain is already on the program, a recruit is all the sudden not going to come because they have no wins registered for a certain season.  The damage has already been done for a lot of these programs, vacating wins and championships does nothing.  It just shows the NCAA is “doing something” about it.

To me, this looks like a gigantic cover up for the NCAA and it has ever since they decided it was a good idea to vacate wins.  Notre Dame was also just vacated wins just last week from their season that ended in a National Championship loss.  The NCAA does this to cover up their own mistakes.  The mistakes are they do nothing when these infractions actually occur.  Instead of vacating wins and championships maybe do a little better job to be sure there aren’t 17,000 infractions occurring every single year.

The games have already been played.  The players have already experienced the joys of winning or the defeat of losing.  You cannot take away the feeling from these student athletes.  You cannot take away the joy they had from winning a championship or winning the Heisman. Since the 2013 Louisville National Championship has been vacated, do we now go hang a banner at Michigan? No, it is so stupid.  There needs to be a better way to punish programs instead of vacating things that already happened.

These punishments are basically a slap on the wrist for infractions that are HUGE. There is a lot that is wrong in NCAA sports and as long as we continue these types of punishments then the wrong will continue.  How Mark Emmert has a job still is beyond me, there is no one that deserves to be fired more than him.

Enjoy that 2013 National Championship party tonight Mitch McGary and Tim Hardaway Jr.  Five years later you are a National Champion from a game you actually lost.

P.S. You better go get this removed Rick or else the NCAA will come remove it for you.


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