Jimmy Butler also spends his Sundays hungover


The NBA All-Star game lived up to the hype and then some.  Every single player logged minutes besides one person, that man is Jimmy Butler.

When asked about why he did not play in the All-Star game this was his response…

There also were rumors on the old Twitter machine that Butler had the flu and that was the reason he was not playing.  He also did not practice on Saturday for what it is worth.

Seems as though we all have more in common with Jimmy Butler than we imagined.  We all know this was because he was hungover, they obviously cannot come out and say that.  The Timberwolves last game was on 2/15 and their next game is not until 2/23.  That is over a week off, I am not buying this I need rest excuse Jimmy.

Jimmy is big into Hollywood, he has many actor friends.  He trains in Los Angeles in the offseason so obviously has friends out there.  He is close with a lot of players in the league, so odds are they hit the town Saturday night.  My question is how awful was this hangover?  The NBA All-Star game does not require much effort.  Besides the last 5 minutes of the game, it was basically a glorified street ball tournament going on.

Another thing, isn’t Jimmy Butler wealthy enough to afford IVs?  I figured rich people just do not get hungover since they can afford to get the vital fluids injected into themselves immediately.  Jimmy, leave the crippling Sunday hangovers to the rest of us.  We can’t afford IVs every Sunday, we order Chinese and lay on the couch all day to cure Saturday night’s mistakes.

Jimmy Butler is the man, I love him and always will.  I am a diehard Bulls fan and Marquette alum.  I wish he would have said he was hungover, I am sure he wanted to but practice this week would not be fun with Thibs had he said that. Jimmy spent the entire NBA All-Star weekend partying, what a god damn legend.  My only advice is to mix in a water next time Jimmy, I know Draymond will give you a hard time but it helps the hangovers. Trust me.

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