I Hate Bank Holidays


Are you sitting in your office while reading this? Do you have friends that are currently sleeping while you stare at a computer? Perfect, pull up a chair.  We are about to be angry together.

I hate bank holidays.

Yep, I said it.  Now do I really hate them for what they are? No, absolutely not.  I am all for people having extra days off of work.  There are a lot of hard workers in this country, we deserve a day off every now and then.  Bank holidays though are ridiculous.

Why on Earth do only certain people get these days off?  The U.S. financial market is closed today, Nasdaq is closed, the New York Stock Exchange is closed, the United States Postal Service is closed, schools across the country are closed. The human beings running this country do not have to work today yet some of us have to make cold calls to businesses that are also closed today. I demand to know why some people like me and you have to go to work on this day, while others are still in REM sleep.  Seriously, what is the reasoning behind this?  If anyone honestly knows, please tell me.

President Trump has ruffled a lot of feathers in his presidency, I know one way he can win over a bunch of people.  Do what is right and give every working citizen bank holidays off as well.  I am salty because I am at work and I know you are too.  We are just extremely jealous of those who did not have to set an alarm today. I will most likely forget about this until the next bank holiday but for now I will continue to be bitter and jaded towards everyone not at work.

For those of you who are not at work and reading this, well consider yourself one of the few lucky ones.  Enjoy your day off, I will continue to secretly hate you from the chair at my desk.

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