Anthony Rizzo, Humanity’s Captain


Anthony Rizzo was sent by God to be the captain of the human race.  There is no other explanation for how wonderful of a human being this person is.

The mass shooting that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida was absolutely horrific.  There are no words to describe what happened, it was a tragedy.  It hit very close to home for Anthony Rizzo as this was his Alma Mater.  The hallways that he once walked as a kid were now heartbroken.  Anthony Rizzo flew down to Parkland, Florida to assist his community in this time of horror.  He gave the speech below, soak in what he is saying…

This is his hometown and a school that will always be near and dear to his heart.  He refused to speak to reporters after this because this is not about some sort of publicity stunt.  This is a good hearted, caring individual looking out for his community and searching for an answer.

He donated $150,000 to this school just last year to update the ballpark.  This is a person who as he was coming up as a can’t miss prospect was diagnosed with limited state classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  At the age of 18, in the best shape of his life, he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  At the same time,  his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  They underwent cancer treatment together until finally cancer took his grandmother away from him.  I cannot even imagine the toll that would take on an 18 year old with the promise he had ahead of him.

Anthony Rizzo persevered through all of this and became the honorable man that he is today.  Even though he does not care about notoriety for being a good person, I am here to tell you he deserves it.  in 2012, him and his family created the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation.  This foundation is a non profit organization benefiting cancer research and the families fighting the disease. In August of 2017, this foundation announced a $3.5 million gift to the Lurie’s Children Hospital in Chicago.  Anthony Rizzo won the Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award in 2017.  That same year he also won the Roberto Clemente Man of the Year Award.

He has been lauded by his teammates for how great of a leader he is.  Veteran David Ross and Kris Bryant have praised him for his work on and off the field countless times.  Sports needs more people like Anthony Rizzo.  In a time where there is so much wrong in the world of sports, a time where domestic abuse and off the field antics lead headlines, Anthony Rizzo deserves the shine.

Anthony Rizzo, the captain of my Chicago Cubs but more importantly a person that human beings everywhere should aspire to be.

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