Phones Out at Concerts: A 2018 Debate


Recently there was a report that Kendrick Lamar was banning all cell phones at his shows.  Reps for Kendrick came out and denied these claims but it got me thinking.  Should more artists try to impose this ban?

Artists such as Jack White, Adele, and Alicia Keys have given their two cents about the use of phones at concerts.  They are against them because it takes away from the overall experience of the show. Jack White has even enforced this rule for the previous 4 years successfully. Fans should focus more on the present moment and a little less with their face in their phones.  While I completely understand this concept and support it, is it right?

Humans have a right to pretty much do what they please in concerts within the rules obviously.  They paid tickets to come see an artist perform, if they want to film the show so their 894 Instagram followers know they were there then so be it.  That is a right they get when they decide to give up their own money to said artist.  Nowadays if you do not show the entire world that you were at a certain event, were you ever really there?  Instagram or it didn’t happen didn’t become a saying out of nowhere.

On the flip side, if you spend the entire show recording or placing filters on the perfect picture to make sure you get it up quick enough then are you really watching the show?  Are you really taking it all in and experiencing the euphoria that comes with live music?  Absolutely not.  I am going to sound like an old man but honestly I am very, very for the ban of phones at concerts.  I love live music and think there is a certain aura that comes along with it.  When your favorite band is playing your favorite song right in front of your face, soak it all in dude.  They are performing it live in front of it for you, not for your 400 likes on the video.  You paid good money for this show, enjoy it!

Banning cell phone usage for 40,000+ people is virtually impossible and would cost a fortune in extra security guards.  The ideal solution would be a way to restrict the usage of cell phones.  How would that be done?  I have zero idea. Youth of America, I have a task for you.  Next time you are at a show and you are thinking about blasting up the 8th Instagram story of the night, put your phone down, and take in the song yourself.  I promise you this, you will not regret it.  Enjoy Mr. Brightside, it is a god damn hit and you are there to watch the Killers perform that for YOU!

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