Bring Back Uncle Drew Commercials

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News came out yesterday that the full length Uncle Drew film will be released on June 29th.  While I am very happy that Uncle Drew is living on, I wish the commercials were still around.  This movie poster is pretty dope, I will admit…


This movie has a decent lineup with the following stars set to appear Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Lisa Leslie, and Nate Robinson.  Sure it will be cool to see these former greats but who wants to go watch a full length movie on this?  Wasn’t the whole point of the commercials to fake out a bunch of guys playing basketball down the street?  I would imagine bringing along a film crew for a movie kinda pushes that notion out the door.  Yes, I know the commercials probably weren’t a surprise but I can dream they were.

Bringing back the commercials would also allow for other stars to join.  Take a look at the cast members in the movie, do you notice anything? There are zero current NBA players on that list other than Uncle Drew himself.  NBA players are extremely busy and do not have time to shoot full length films.  Unless you are Michael Jordan leading the Toon Squad, filming a commercial is much more feasible.

Kevin Love making an appearance in the old Uncle Drew commercials was awesome.  Imagine Steph Curry showing up with Uncle Drew.  Picture this, LeBron James leads a rival basketball crew from the local retirement home. The Ball family makes an appearance, I can’t support the Ball family but this would put asses in the seats. Basketball commercials have become legendary throughout the years with Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, etc.  The Uncle Drew saga could have been that, bring them back!

And remember, don’t reach youngblood…

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