LeBron James shipped off to the Rockets to compete with the Warriors?!?!? The drama filled league that is the NBA has finally reached the trade deadline.  The deadline will be today at 3:00 EST. There have been some big names tossed around including DeAndre Jordan, Kemba Walker, Tyreke Evans, and LeBron being shipped off to the Rockets to compete with the Warriors.  Lolz, gotchya to click on the article just from that. Genius move Tin, genius.

Keep it here at Stay Tuned Folks for a live blog all day regarding the trades in the Association.  You read that right people, we’re doing it live!

To catch you up so far since all you lunatics care about is the NFL, here are a few of the notable trades that have happened recently:

  • The Clippers traded Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons
  • The Pelicans acquired Nikola Mirotic from the Bulls
  • The Nets traded Tyler Zeller to the Bucks for Rashad Vaughn
  • The Knicks traded Willy Hernangomez to the Charlotte Hornets

I will not be convering every single trade, only the ones that I think are worth of talking about so stay tuned folks!

We have our first update of the day…

NOT GOOD FOR THE LIVE BLOG FOLKS!!! Hopefully we still get some movers and shakers in the next coming hours, knowing the NBA drama I am expecting we will.

This is going quite slow so far but Jameer Nelson is here to save the day! SVG gets his old point guard back in Detroit which is sure to shore up the guard position.  The Bulls get Willie Reed who recently was just suspended 6 games for a domestic violence incident….

We have a trade!

And just like that the Cavaliers finally got the dunk contest participant they had been searching for all along.  Thanks LeBron.  On a serious note, this obviously does not solve the myriad of problems in Cleveland but Nance is a premier defender that can help immensely in that area.  It will be interesting to see what the Lakers receive in return as it has been rumored they are preparing to sign a monster free agent in the 2019 offseason.


That is quite the return for the Lakers.  The Isaiah Thomas saga in Cleveland was short lived and honestly never worked.  There was so much turmoil around him that he had to go.  My main question now is are they still going to show that Isaiah Thomas tribute video when the Cavs return to Boston later in the year?

Cavs will also be sending their 2018 1st round pick to the Lakers in this exchange which is not the Nets pick.  I repeat the Cavs are NOT sending the Nets pick as part of this trade. On the surface this trade makes virtually no sense from the Cavs standpoint but there is much more to this.  IT did not get along with virtually anyone on the team including the coaches.  He needed to be moved, I just figured they could get more than Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr.  I mean they did trade Kyrie Irving for him in the 1st place.

Good move for the Lakers, don’t be surprised if they are a playoff contender in the next few years.

Woj breaking it down for everyone as to why the Lakes would trade away two young stars. Cap space baby, cap space!


Cleveland has not assembled a brand new team. George Hill and Rodney Hood are both very solid complimentary players to LeBron.  Neither of them will demand the ball much, are decent shooters, and can both play defense.  The Derrick Rose era in Cleveland was very fun while it lasted…just kidding he once again didn’t do much besides sit on the bench.  I don’t know why he even “plays” basketball anymore to be honest.  Cleveland loses Jae Crowder who also never really fit there.  Fun fact about Jae Crowder, he blocked me on Twitter.  I told him he needs to work on his free throws while at Murphy’s when I was at Marquette.  He quickly turned around and all of the sudden I had a large basketball player in my face.  I cowered and didn’t take ownership to my comments until later when I was behind my twitter fingers.  Jae Crowder, you still suck you bum.

The surprising thing here is the Cavs getting rid of LeBrons BFF Dwyane Wade.  This is surprising simply because of how close they are.  It doesn’t really affect them much basketball wise but I guess they have enough guards after all of these moves anyways.  Wade obviously did not see a future in Cleveland as LeBron is going to leave anyways.  He gets to return to Miami where LeBron will obviously follow in the offseason.

Overall I like the moves the Cavs have made today.  The roster you had before today was not going to win or keep LeBron around.  Get rid of some toxic pieces, add some young players, add complimentary shooting pieces, and see where this goes for the rest of the year.  This all could go well, they could sign another free agent this offseason, and LeBron could decide to stay.  They have absolutely nothing to lose by doing this, so I say why not?

This is not big news but I need to touch on this.  This is WILD. I know Derrick Rose does not play basketball anymore really but from a Bulls fan perspective this is insane.  Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Derrick Rose, and Tom Thibodeau all on the same team once again.  Derrick and Jimmy never really saw eye to eye so I don’t understand the point of even bringing him on the roster.  Let’s just anger our star player by signing someone who he doesn’t like? My mind is blown.

Poor Doug McDermott, just getting shipped around. Bulls, Thunder, Knicks, and now Dallas.  I always wanted him to become the next Kyle Korver, sadly I don’t see that ever happening.  Devin Harris is older now so he is not an impact player anymore.  The biggest part of this trade is that the Emmanuel Mudaiy era is over in Denver.  A once #7 pick in the draft is shipped off to the most dysfunctional franchise in the NBA.  He could turn out to be good with a change of scenery with Porzingis next year, who knows.

Well folks this is how we will end this crazy trade deadline it seems. That crazy haired Elfrid Payton being shipped to Memphis for a 2nd round pick. I have nothing to say about Payton other than his hair is insane.  I wonder how he washes his hair.  Is it naturally like that?  Does he have to put product it in?  What happens to it when he sleeps? Life’s mysteries man, I tell ya.

Regardless, this was a lot of fun.  My first live blog, I thank you all for following along.  The NBA once again reigning supreme in the drama category.  Will there be more post deadline? Stay tuned folks!

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