Dissecting television’s hit drama: The New England Patriots


The New England Patriots have created some top tier drama since the start of the Super Bowl on Sunday.  It started with the sitting of Malcolm Butler and has carried on with Josh McDaniel leaving the Colts at the altar.

Josh McDaniels was set to be introduced as the Colts new head coach later today, the Colts even tweeted about it themselves. I would show you but they have since deleted it.  Instead I will show you a tweet from Schefter, he always knows what is going on…

Capture schefter

This was a done deal.  McDaniels was ready to accept a new challenge and head on over to Indy.  This is where the fun starts, a mere 8 hours later, Schefter drops a bomb on the sports world…

Capture schefter 2

To me this is very clear what happened but first let’s rewind to earlier in the day.  Malcolm Butler finally tweeted out some words on the whole Super Bowl dilemma, his thoughts below…

Tom Brady liked and commented on this Instagram post.  Ian Rappaport tweeted earlier in the day that the reason Butler did not play was a “perfect storm” of reasons.  Some of these reasons included sickness, a rough week of practice, and a minor rule violation believed to be related to curfew.

Ok are you still with me? All caught up now?

There are two schools of thought on the McDaniels situation. The first being that there is more to the Andrew Luck situation than meets the eye.  The Colts have been eerily quiet about what is going on with Andrew Luck during this entire process.  At this point, they could tell everyone his arm is being amputated and it would not be that big of a surprise.  There were reports that he began throwing recently but I would take that with a grain of salt.  Andrew Luck’s injury has been a mystery this entire time and I believe it will remain that way until he finally steps on the field.  Overall, I do not think any recent news leaked that would cause McDaniels to change his mind this quickly.

Second thought, he is heir apparent to the Patriots job.  This is the reason I think McDaniels ultimately changed his mind.  This tweet basically explains that is what happened:

I think this all started with the Malcolm Butler drama.  Bill did not feel comfortable putting him in the Super Bowl for one reason or another.  That move ended up backfiring immensely.  Tom Brady went on to support Butler in his post, Bill feels slighted.  I personally think there is already some tension between Brady and Belichick as well.  McDaniels was ready to move onto greener pastures.  Bill sat him down and told him that this would be his last year coaching.  This is eerily similar to a Parcells/Belichick type situation.  McDaniels then realized he could coach for one of the greatest franchises in sports as opposed to one with a permanently damaged quarterback.  The Patriots will draft a quarterback this year, it will be McDaniels choice.  Brady will play another 2-3 years, tutor the new QB with McDaniels, and the rest will be history.

To wrap this all up, McDaniels is doing what is best for his future.  Does it look bad to the Colts? Sure, but they are well aware of what is going on here.  The best part of the entire drama saga is I think we eventually will figure out what happened with Malcolm Butler.  He is a free agent so either he will say something after he signs with his team or once Bill Belichick retires we will get the true story.  Either way, stay tuned folks because this is just the beginning.

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