The 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show in Atlanta will be EPIC


I was going to say this halftime show would be lit but then I felt like that old guy trying to fit in with the youths of America.  We are just going to stick with epic and move on.

Yesterday, the ever electric Bruno Mars tweeted out his thoughts on the halftime show next year:

CaptureCapture 1Capture 2

Well Bruno, I have some good news for you.  Your tweets got me thinking and I have already planned this entire show. All you have to do is use your star power to get all these people on board and you have yourself a show for the ages.  I will charge you absolutely nothing Bruno, just consider it payment for the hours of entertainment you have provided me.

Now, let’s set the stage here.  The Chicago Bears have shocked the world and taken a 14-7 lead on the Jacksonville Jaguars heading into halftime of Super Bowl LIII.  The lights go dark and all of the sudden this blares through the speakers…

Ohhhhhh shit, LUDAAAAAAA and ya boy Jermaine Dupri to literally welcome everyone to Atlanta.  After that Luda will stay on stage to perform a hit of his own…

He will perform just one verse from this song because this is a kid friendly environment.  We simply cannot have children’s ears polluted with Ludacris telling everyone how he wants to like Shawna from her head to her toes.  Now it is time for another performer to come out, this one is going to bring you right back to the high school dances folks…

The entire stadium is now going BANANAS, everyone is pointing to the windows to the wall.  Now time for another ATL legend to come out…

The King of the South himself, TIP.  The folks cannot believe what they are seeing, who could possibly come out next…

URRRSSHHHHEEEERRRRRR comes out making all the ladies go wild.  He brings out Ludacris and Lil Jon for some assistance but proceeds to dance like it’s 2009 and the folks are diggin it.  What is next you ask….

BRRRRRR, ITS GUCCI!!! Atlanta’s finest Gucci Mane comes out to perform his smash his Lemonade. Now it is time for Atlanta’s most famous rapper to grace this Earth…

Something has gotten into these fans, their brains are programmed to do one thing when this song comes back on. Crank dat Soulja Boy.  A dance they thought they had long forgotten they are now performing once again.  Side note, in high school I was that upper class, caucasian kid doing this dance in front of a bunch of other upper class, caucasian white kids.  Looking back at it, it was the whitest thing I have ever done.  Now it is time to relate to the hip kids nowadays…

The modern day Beatles, Migos come out to perform their smash hit.  At this point, the stadium is rocking. We are in need of a finale, maybe an old school rap hit to bring it all together….

Kris Kross!!! KRIS KROSS WILL MAKE YA JUMP JUMP!!! I don’t know how this game will continue on.  Ladies are passing out in their seats, Kris Kross has just come out to close off the greatest Super Bowl halftime show ever.

You are welcome Bruno Mars, now do the right thing and make this happen.

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