Bulls Fans, The Tank is back on!!!


After trailing 43-19 after the 1st quarter the Blazers handed the Bulls their 5th consecutive loss Wednesday night beating them 124-108.  More importantly the Bulls now have the 6th worst record in the NBA and are currently only 3 games back of having the worst record in the NBA.


The Bulls have struggled mightily since losing Kris Dunn to that nasty fall a few weeks ago.  Here it is again if you enjoy making yourself uncomfortable…

The Bulls have lost every single game without their rising point guard.  Most importantly, it seems as though they are committed to trading Nikola Mirotic.  Gar/Pax had previously stated they were looking for a 1st round pick when trading their prized pony Niko.  It looked like there was a deal in place with the Pelicans earlier this week.  The Pelicans were prepared to part ways with their 1st round pick and Omer Asik for Nikola Mirotic.  The trade hit a snag when the Pelicans could not pick up Nikola’s player option.  He has stated previously he needs this picked up in order to accept any sort of trade.

It was a bummer for Bulls fans everywhere as everyone thought that Gar/Pax once again messed up another opportunity to build towards the future.  In the past Gar/Pax has shown they are close to incompetent with the handling of this franchise so it was fair for Bulls fans to toss blame their way.

The dynamic duo of Gar Foreman and John Paxson actually made the right call late Wednesday night though.  They informed Nikola Mirotic that he will not be playing until after the trade deadline on February 8th.  This my friends is what you call a smart move.

The Bulls gain absolutely nothing from playing Nikola Mirotic at this point.  All he does is make them better and help them win games.  The Bulls do not want to win games at this point and kudos to Gar/Pax for realizing that.  The Gar/Pax of old would have seen the Bulls performing well and would have instantly tried to push for that 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.  The Bulls have been sitting in NBA purgatory for years now and it seems as though the front office is finally embracing the tank.

Gar/Pax has done a lot wrong in their time with the Bulls, but they also have done some right.  They often get criticized for every poor move they make but I am here to tip my cap to them for this move.  Playing Niko during this time would only create a constant distraction while trying to move him to another team.  Good on them for sticking to the plan, losing more games, and hopefully getting that coveted top 5 pick in next year’s draft.

They have built a solid foundation with Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, and Lauri Markkanen.  Denzel Valentine and Bobby Portis have shown flashes of becoming a solid role player.  Stick to the tank, get that top draft pick, lure a free agent. You got this Gar/Pax. I never thought I would say this but I believe in you two fools. Let’s send the folks out on a high note with a song the Bulls should play after every single win in my opinion…

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