The Most Insufferable Fan Bases on Earth


Before I get into this, every fan base is insufferable in one way or another.  Every fan loves to beat their chest about their team and cheer loudly when they do well. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I am here to highlight five fan bases that are beyond insufferable.  These fan bases NEVER stop and they drive you up a god damn wall.

Insufferable is defined as too extreme to bear or showing unbearable arrogance or conceit.  I can comfortably say that these fan bases define this word.

And now, the most insufferable fan bases on this planet in no particular order…

New York Yankees 


These fans have calmed down a bit in recent years but Johnny from the Bronx is as insufferable as it gets.  He will constantly remind you about how many championships the Yankees have. Yes Johnny we know its at 27 and going to be number 28 this year with Giancarlo Stanton baby!!!! Johnny thinks Derek Jeter is the greatest thing since sliced bread, he doesn’t care about how his fielding declined throughout the years.  Johnny just cares about rings baby and his family’s pizzeria on 74th street. Go in and try the pie, tell em Johnny sent ya!

New England Patriots 


Patriots fans have recently become unbearable.  They constantly brag about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  The worst part about Patriots fans is that they’re right.  It is so hard to even argue with Mickey from Southie because he is right.  The Patriots run of dominance is something that will go down in history.  The worst part about it is they do not really recognize their defeats.  They think the Giants just got lucky a few times and don’t realize they should have lost the last two Super Bowls they were in.  Hey Pete Carroll, run the ball.  Atlanta Falcons, learn how to hold a damn lead.  Tom Brady will go down as the greatest QB of all time and Bill Belichick will go down as one of the greatest coaches of all time.  You are better off just having a million beers with Mickey and watching him fight someone than argue Patriots football.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish


Notre Dame was once the cream of the crop of college football.  Oh you didn’t know that? Go talk to a Notre Dame fan, they will lament on history like there’s no tomorrow.  You can spot them easily, they will be wearing their class ring.  These fans love talking about how great they used to be.  Forget the bowl losses of recent past, the National Championship demolition in 2013, and let’s please forget the years upon years of irrelevance in college football. Another thing about Notre Dame fans, they are everywhere!  There is zero rhyme or reason as to why people are Notre Dame fans.  A good chunk of Notre Dame fans have zero connection to the school.  Enjoy arguing with Tommy from Evanston who roots for Notre Dame simply because it’s a private school who has an average football program.

These next two are a little bit more regional but I am from Chicago so I can’t possibly leave these two off this list.

Green Bay Packers 


God, they look so stupid with those cheeseheads.  Let me get this out there before I move on, I went to school in Milwaukee.  I was in college when the Packers won their most recent Super Bowl.  These people are not just fun, cheese loving, beer drinkers.  They are THE WORST.  These fans are completely ignorant to the fact that without their all time great quarterback, their team sucks.  They have been blessed the past 20 years with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.  I cannot fault these fans for that but god it is just so annoying.  Is this me being bitter because I am a Bears fan and the Bears finally just got a franchise quarterback? Most likely.  Another thing, they are all part owners of the team.  That is as lame as it gets.  What franchise needs to offer stock in their team in order to show you are a fan? Check it out there Susie, I am a part owner of the Pack now!  I am sorry Packers fans but I hate you all.

St. Louis Cardinals


I saved the best for last, the St. Louis Cardinals.  I am a diehard Cubs fan and I have listened to these fans for majority of my life.  They claim they are the best fans in baseball.  Self proclaimed. Yep, you read that right.  They self proclaimed themselves the best fans in baseball.  Who on Earth does that?  Cardinals fans.  Did pretty much every year before 2016 suck as a Cubs fan? Yes, the Cardinals have been amazing for a long, long time.  It has sucked.  Well Cardinals fans, these are Theo’s Cubs.  Get used to playing baby brother now for years to come.  Never forget the 2015 NLDS either Cardinals fans, that was fun.  Real fun.

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