Turn It Back Tuesday: Compact Discs


And just like that we are back with everyone’s favorite installment, Turn It Back Tuesdays.  Today, we are going to talk about something that would confuse anyone that is currently sitting in Geometry class in High School.  We are talking CDs folks and all the nostalgia of the compact disc.

CDs were the only way to listen to music for a very, very long time.  I was born in 1990 so I have no real recollection of the record player.  To me, my first introduction to music was the CD.  The first CD I ever purchased was Kid Rock’s “Devil Without A Cause”.  Let me rephrase that, the first CD I ever convinced my mom to buy me was Kid Rock’s “Devil Without A Cause”.  The only reason she allowed the purchase of the Parental Advisory CD was because I bought her a Cher CD.  What a Casanova I was at 8 years old, buying my mom a Cher CD in exchange for the music of one of Detroit’s finest rock stars.  It did not go so well when I went to put the CD in the stereo and this is what the CD looked like…


My mother was not too happy but that leads me to another thing that high schooler kids no longer know nothing about, the Parental Advisory logo.

Parental Advisory Label

The logo is pretty self explanatory, these were the CDs you wanted but your parents did not want you to listen to.  Eminem made a living off this logo back in the day, the Parental Advisory logo on his albums back in the day should have been a little bigger.

Your CD collection was something you prided yourself on. You had it in a binder in the backseat of your car and all your friends would marvel at all the different types of music you had. “Holy crap you have Significant Other by Limp Bizkit?!?! Put on Nookie and turn it up!”. It was a badge of honor and damnit you were proud.

The CD forced you to listen to every song on the album as long as there were no scratches on the CD. Scratches on a CD were basically a death sentence.  You would try to take it out and rub it on your clothes, but you knew this was no long term fix.  Your favorite track was now ruined and that CD was basically worthless to you.

An art that also died with the CD was the burning CDs.  This is where you could finally let that creativity flag fly.  This was how you won over that crush of yours.  Have a crush on Emily from Math class? Make her a CD with some of today’s top hits and maybe a couple slow songs to send a message.  Emily would definitely get the message after she got to track 3 and this came on…

Next thing you know, you and Emily are talking on the phone nightly as long as no one was on the internet obviously.  Your parents would drop you off at the theater to go see The Parent Trap, you would head straight to the back row, and the rest is history.

Sure, having every single song at your disposal at all times is great.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.  Every now and then though, it is nice to toss in a mixed CD in the car and turn the nostalgia way up.


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