Eliminator Friday: Restaurant/Take Out

And just like that, we have made it to another Friday folks.  Pat yourself on the back, you did it.

This week’s Eliminator Friday is going to be Restaurant/Take Out food.  The four heavyweights that will battle it out will be: Chinese, Mexican, Italian, and American/Bar food. We are going to exclude pizza from this conversation because honestly it just complicates this entire article.  Plus, people will look into it too much and ruin the fun of the debate.

Without further adieu, my take on this clash of the titans.




Mexican food may be the most diverse when it comes to this.  The amount of different things you can get at a Mexican restaurant is actually astounding.  You can go with tacos, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, tostadas, tamales, tortas, I could go on and on. I personally think this one absolutely needs to stay.  Going to tacos has now become a great thing to do for a first date as well.  You have the chips and salsa to start, nice thing to have a little conversation over.  You each get to order a margarita, who doesn’t love a good marg?  You get to try each other’s different tacos, do some tequila shots, get a little crazy. We can’t forget Taco Tuesday, it would kill Becky if she couldn’t go do taco Tuesday with her ladies.




This is another one that has loads and loads of options.  Most importantly, Italian food is as romantic as it gets.  You just met this nice lady, you took her out for tacos as I stated above for date #1.  It went well, you guys shot back some patron and had a few margaritas.  Things got a little out of hand but overall it was a great first date.  You are looking to get a little more romantic and serious. Italian spot, every single time.  You share a nice bottle of red, there is the bread on the table with olive oil and parmesan, and the ambiance resembles that of a quaint restaurant in Tuscany, Italy.  Italian needs to stay simply for all the above reasons, plus who doesn’t love stuffing their face with pasta honestly.




The takeout king. Chinese food.  Personally, I think there is only one real good time to eat Chinese.  That is when you are hungover.  Chinese food is great to me really only once every few months.  It is not something you can eat regularly since you feel like you are going to explode after every sitting.  I am going to make my pick at the end of this but Chinese food does not exactly move needle for me.  The issue here is what if you are Jewish?  Jewish people eat Chinese food on Christmas.  That is their Christmas, they get excited about going to the movies and Chinese food.  Take one of those things away and we could have a serious issue.  If you are Jewish, I think you have to keep Chinese right?




Full disclosure, I am admittedly biased towards this type of food.  American food is by far my favorite type of food.  Eliminating this means you are getting rid of chicken wings on Football Sunday.  You are getting rid of that nacho platter you love to share at Shenanigans.  You are eliminating the greatest side known to man, the french fry.  I didn’t even touch on the most underrated sandwich there is, the chicken sandwich.  The appetizers that come with this category are second to none.  Is there any sort of health benefits to this category? Zero.  This isn’t a question about health though, this is a question about what you enjoy the most and what you couldn’t live without.  For me, give me gluttonous, greasy bar food every day.


Final Verdict

This one really wasn’t close for me, I am getting rid of Chinese food. Easy. It comes down to a frequency problem, I really can’t eat Chinese food that much.  I know it doesn’t make sense since I just said I am all for the grease of American food.  Chinese food just doesn’t sit right and I only eat it 3-4 times a year. Bye bye Chinese food.


P.S. I feel like the bread, olive oil, parmesan cheese, pepper combo at Italian restaurants gets so overlooked.  It is unbelievable. I can eat an entire loaf of bread dipping it into that goodness.  It honestly might be the best part about going to an Italian restaurant. Forget spaghetti and meatballs, give me the bread, olive oil, and parmesan cheese all day.

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