Twitter is King


Let’s just get right to it, Twitter is greater than every other social media platform. Period.  I will listen to your arguments for other platforms, but there is no platform better than the little blue bird.

I mean just take a long at how the stock has flourished since going public in 2013…


Ok, well that isn’t important.  It has been trending up recently so whatever. I am not here to talk about how they are doing as a company anyways.  I am here to tell you why Twitter is king.


As a wise mailman named Newman once said “When you control the mail, you control information!!”

Twitter is the greatest source of information that you can receive across any social media platform.  Sure, you can figure out the political views of Mitch from high school on Facebook.  Instagram can fill your mind up with beautiful women you will never even come in contact with.  Twitter keeps you up to date with literally what ever type of information you deem necessary.

The customization of Twitter is something that often gets overlooked.  It essentially is your own personal version of the modern day newspaper.  You get to pick exactly what type of topics you are going to see and you will see it first.  Often times news is on Twitter before virtually every other outlet.  Sports is a perfect example of this, you will hear about any transaction in sports on Twitter before anywhere else.  If you are into politics, where else can you see what the Donald is going to say? Twitter of course, that man loves to get his Twitter fingers movin!

Do not get me wrong, I love pretty much all social media.  One could even say I am addicted to social media, I am fine with that. Instagram is a fantastic platform that I personally think is best suited for businesses.  People get paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to post about their fit tea.  Instagram stories have virtually squashed Snapchat stories, thankfully Snapchat still has college and high school kids.  It really blows my mind how much that generation uses Snapchat.  You look at their stories and they have hundreds upon hundreds.  Open up their new snaps and they have messages from every single person under the sun.  It is actually incredible.  Regardless, Instagram in my mind is the only other possible competition when it comes to which social media platform is best. Facebook isn’t even worth my time anymore, it is just filled with tasty videos and your mother sharing what type of personality she is based on this automated 10 question quiz.

Twitter is also the best place for you to voice your opinion.  People get jobs simply because of their personality on Twitter.  You can get out there and voice what ever opinion you possibly have as long as it is under 280 characters. Yea, I know we all miss the 140 character days but there really is no difference so enough about that already.

Lastly, Twitter never, ever stops.  Twitter is built for this generation.  It is built for those who can’t concentrate on something for over 2 minutes.  Instagram posts take time, you have to think of the right filter, the right angle, the right caption, who to tag, what hashtags to use, should you put your location on there, and God knows what else comes into your mind as you overthink that post.  Twitter is the exact opposite. Have a thought? Toss it out there, I am sure someone is out there hitting refresh for the 284th time today.


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