Turn It Back Tuesday: Grape Lady

Welcome one and all to everyone’s favorite tradition, Turn It Back Tuesday!

Every Tuesday we will be breaking down something from the past that was once great.  It could be a classic sports team, a viral old school video, or anything that makes you remember the good old days. Today we are starting with one of the first viral videos I can remember: The Atlanta Grape Lady.

The video starts off shamelessly, these two women are just going to stomp on some fresh chambourcin grapes.  Just trying to promote a contest down at the local park, the winner who stomps the most juice gets an overnight stay for God’s sake! There is some serious cheddar on the line with this contest, so these ladies are just going to demonstrate how this will work.  Seems pretty harmless right?

These lovely women start stompin on the grapes, nothing crazy. Next thing you know, mayhem erupts! The host of the show yells STOP! She then begins to stomp furiously, it seems as though she is onto something here folks.  Susie then tries to step on out of the bucket and down goes Frazier! She seems to break her fall with her face though so that is nice.  You would think she was near death and she exclaims “I CAN’T BREATHE”.  She then begins to make the most recognizable whimper you will ever hear. Once you hear that whimper you will forever remember what that sound is from.  That’s right, it is from Susie the Grape Lady.

P.S. You know you made it when Family Guy makes fun of you, cheer Grape Lady

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