Slam Dunk the Funk: 2018 Dunk Contest


Sound the alarms, the Dunk Contest lineup is set.  These freaks of nature that will be participating this year are Aaron Gordon, Victor Oladipo, Larry Nance Jr., and Dennis Smith Jr.

The dunk contest has gone through waves of greatness followed by years of mediocre performances.  Long gone are the days when the game’s greatest stars would compete in the dunk contest.  Now we look to fresh, young stars to show off their bounce and impress the world.

The good thing is the past few years the dunk contest has been extremely entertaining and this year should be no less entertaining based off just these three confirmations.

Aaron Gordon

While last year’s Dunk Contest was sorely missing these two, just take a gander at what ya boy Aaron Gordon can do.  It is simply incredible.  The only reason he never won is simply because Zach LaVine is not a human being.  Aaron Gordon put on an absolute show during the 2016 Dunk Contest.   He will for sure be the early favorite for this year’s contest based off this epic performance.  It is still unconfirmed on if he will be bringing Stuff the Magic Dragon along with him as well.  I kind of hope not, real creepy mascot in my opinion. I don’t get why they didn’t just use some sort of magician or something as their mascot.

Victor Oladipo 

In enters another freak athlete who is no stranger to this stage.  Oladipo entered the 2015 Dunk Contest as the high flying youngster out of Indiana University. HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS! The reason he didn’t win, well I am sure you could guess why… Zach LaVine.  Regardless, Oladipo has had a stand out year so far this year and I expect him to pull out all the stops this year.

Dennis Smith Jr. 

This kid from NC State can absolutely FLY.  He is one of those people that legitimately looks like he is floating through the air when he jumps.  He throws each dunk down with such ferocity that the rim honestly should be scared.  Search “Dennis Smith Jr. dunks” on YouTube and enjoy your next hour.  Kid is something special when it comes to dunking and he will be the easy sleeper come February 17th.

Larry Nance Jr. 

I will admit it, I am very salty this isn’t Donovan Mitchell.  To me Larry Nance Jr. is by far the least exciting of this group.  His wingspan is that of a 9 foot giant but I do not expect his dunks to be super exciting.  One thing he could do is maybe grab the top of the backboard and dunk, a la Dwight Howard.  I don’t have much to say about Larry Nance Jr. so he is going to have to show me something.  My opinion really matters so he REALLY better show me something.

Overall I expect this to be a much more exciting dunk contest than last year. I personally get excited about the dunk contest every single year, here’s to hoping it doesn’t disappoint.



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