Why Monday Sucks…


Welcome to every human’s favorite day of the week…Monday!

It has become universally known that Monday is the worst day of the week.  If you enjoy Monday then you are a happy go lucky person that does a good job of tricking themselves about the harsh reality of Monday.  It sucks.  I know it, you know it. Everyone knows it.  Why does it suck so much? Let’s dive into it just a bit.

You wake up first thing Monday morning and you are miserable.  You had to wake up on the schedule of that stupid phone.  It already controls your entire life but now it is telling you when you need to wake up.  Boom, already mad.  What you would give to turn off the alarm and wake up whenever you want.

As you get older Monday begins to suck even more, for one reason…hangovers.  You see as a young whipper snapper you get hungover and it only lasts about half of Sunday.  You feel nauseous all morning but usually by the afternoon you are back to normal.  When you get closer to 30 than 21, all of that changes.  Hangovers become multiple day events that couldn’t be more dreadful.  All Sunday you are a piece of shit, you eat like shit, feel like shit, and shit. Now here is what most people don’t warn you about kids, this bleeds into Monday as well.  You are no longer hungover on Monday but you are absolutely exhausted from trying to feel 21 again.  All you can think about is going to sleep and how you really need to steer clear of hard alcohol, seriously all it does it lead to blackouts.

Another thing that sucks, is the entire work week is ahead of you.  Waking any other day of the work week means you have already conquered a few days.  There aren’t that many days left until your freedom.  On Monday though, you always have the entire daunting work week staring you in the face.

Monday night TV shows flat out STINK! Unless you are a fan of network TV shows then you really have nothing to look forward to after work. Yea sure, we all know a lot of people watch the Bachelor but I don’t so there is nothing to watch.  For 17 weeks of the year there is Monday Night Football which is beautiful but that is only for 17 of the 52 weeks in the year.

Enjoy your Monday everyone, hopefully the clock moves a little quicker today for all of us.


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