Eliminator Friday: Will Ferrell Movies

Will Ferrell will go down as the greatest comedy actor of this generation.  I will listen to arguments for others but you will be wrong.  Will Ferrell has produced some of the funniest, most quotable movies in comedy history.

Time to break down the eliminator rules for everyone new to this game.  The basis of the eliminator: Embrace Debate. You eliminate one item from existence.  Poof.  Completely gone from this planet. Pretty simple, don’t think too much into it.

Without further adieu, your arguments for each of these feature films.



Please hit play and let the Channel 4 news team sing you a song

Ron Burgandy may be Will Ferrell’s Mona Lisa.  It is his masterpiece. The Channel 4 News team has an unreal cast of characters.  This was Will Ferrell cementing himself as not just the Saturday Night Live guy but a mainstay in comedy films.  This movie has the simple nostalgia factor, I think everyone would be terrified to eliminate this movie. You know what, I kind of agree. I am scared to eliminate this movie because it would turn into a don’t know what you got till it’s gone situation.  Did the sequel suck? Yep! I don’t care about that though, I am in the thinking that sequels never ruin the original movie.  I am in a glass case of emotion and damnit I can’t let this movie go.


Old School


This was Will Ferrell’s welcome to the big screen moment. He had a few smaller, solid roles previous to this but Frank the Tank was where Will Ferrell’s ascent to fame took off. This is your quintessential college bro movie.  It is something everyone wishes they could do, buy a house on a college campus and party with coeds. Frank is by no means the main character in this movie but without him this movie isn’t the same.  He is that dad that grew up just a little too fast, settled down just a bit too quick.  I have a friend just like this, I am sure he will have kids before any of us even get married.  Deep down inside though, he has Frank the Tank in him.  As a matter of fact, I think we all have a little Frank the Tank in us. Damnit I miss college, I can’t let this one go either.


Talladega Nights

Ricky Bobby is as stereotypical, redneck as they come.  He has the alcoholic father, the crazy children who he has zero control over, the wife who simply married him because of his fame, and the partner who eventually leaves him.  Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly were ironing out the kinks in this one for their eventual smash hit below.  As a standalone character, Ricky Bobby is top tier when it comes to Will Ferrell characters.  This movie is always on TV so I think that may be its downfall.  I see it so often that I think it kind of loses its luster.  Don’t blame me Ricky Bobby, blame TBS.


Step Brothers

Of all of these movies, this one has by far the most ridiculous premise.  Two full grown men living with their step family acting like 7 year olds.  That also is part of the reason it is as great as it is. Will Ferrell gets a huge assist from John C. Reilly in this one. This was one of those movies that the first time I saw it, I walked away puzzled.  I thought to myself, I don’t get why people think this is funny. Am I missing something here? So I decided it was time to give it another go around.  I laughed hysterically. The things done in this movie are so absurd that they are hilarious.  This movie made me realize that Will Ferrell creates movies that get funnier and funnier the more you see them. I personally think this movie is a must and if you eliminate this then I don’t know if I can trust your opinion.



While this is one of the harder eliminator questions I have ever come across.  I think I have to eliminate Talladega Nights.  There is nothing Ricky Bobby can really do about this, he is just going against impossible competitors to beat.


Hey Tin, will this eliminator Friday thing be an every week thing? You bet your ass it will be.

Hey Tin, what will be the next elimintor? Well that you will just have to wait and see, stay tuned folks!

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