What are the Celtics doing?


So if you have paid attention to the NBA at all this year, you would know that Isaiah Thomas is now on the Boston Celtics and recently just came back the game before his new team the Cavaliers returned to Boston.  The Celtics had planned to show a video tribute for IT that game but he had asked to have it played the next time they are in Boston so his family can attend.

Looks up next time Cavs are in Boston…February 11th. The day that the Truth, Paul Pierce is set to have his jersey retired.

If I have learned anything about athletes in my short time here on Earth, it is that the only person they care about is themselves.  They are some of the most narcissistic, egomaniacs on the face of this planet.

Paul Pierce of course did not want there to be anything shown on this date other than highlights for himself, which is fair.  Someone should also tell Paul Pierce that this tribute to IT would be maybe 2 minutes during a timeout. All of this controversy led to this tweet from Isaiah:


Which in turn led to Paul Pierce once again chiming in on the situation:

“(Thomas) had a shot to be honored,” Pierce said. “You came to Boston. Whether you are playing or not, you should have had your tribute then. I just don’t see how, if someone is having a jersey retirement, they’re going to be running other tributes for other players.

“Danny tried to sell me on it, but I told him, ‘He had a shot, Danny, and he punked you on it. He pretty much dictated everything.’ They let it happen because they felt sorry how (the trade to Cleveland) went down. It’s guilt. That’s what it is.”

Which leads me to my main point about all of this. What exactly are the Celtics doing?  All of this makes them look terrible!  Their former stars are saying upper management was punked by Isaiah.  They tell Isaiah that they can move the tribute to a different day but that happens to be the day one of their most notable player’s jersey is being retired.  This entire situation has been handled so poorly by pretty much everyone but Isaiah Thomas.

The Cavs should have held him out long enough that this wasn’t a story.  Paul Pierce should chill out and let them play a tribute video for a player who played in the playoffs a day after his sister tragically passed.  The Celtics are idiots for trying to reschedule all of this without talking to anyone.  This has become one big shit storm for something that should not have even been a story in the first place.

But I will say one thing, if you want drama I know exactly where to send you for some constant entertainment.  The National Basketball Association.

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