Clear Eyes, Full Hearts…

Friday Night Lights has to be the most underrated series in the past 100 years. It had sports, alcohol, drama, sexy women, and Tim Riggins. There was a wide array of characters throughout the five year career of this show. I’m going to rank my five favorite characters and you should agree. It is okay if you do not agree, I just want you to take one thing from this list…Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

tami taylor

5. Tami Taylor

Absolutely gorgeous.This southern belle is everything you could possibly ask for in a TV mom and wife. She was smoking hot, supported her husband, loved her family, and most of all had that southern twang that would drive any male insane. She spent most of the series arguing with school administration about education and where the money was allocated. The most important piece she played in this series was the voice of reason for the almighty Eric Taylor. In honor of Tami Taylor…Hey y’all!


4. Smash Williams

The brash running back that caused lots of controversy in his time on the show. Whether it be arguing with Tim Riggins about drinking, taking steroids, or trash talking to competition on the field, you could always find Smash in the middle of the action. He was the definition of talking trash and backing it up early on before an injury basically derailed his character on the show.


3. Matt Saracen

Or as his grandmother referred to him as Matthew! Matt Saracen is arguably the main character of this series. He was thrust into the starting QB role at Dillon when that pussy Jason Street went down with injury in the first episode of the series. Throughout the series Matt Saracen grew in front of the viewers eyes. He went from this shy nerd who cared for his grandmother to the star quarterback dating the coaches daughter. The one constant throughout this all was Matt’s love for his grandmother. One of the most powerful scenes in the series came when Matt buried his distant father who was in the war. 7 was a character who we watched grow from a boy to a man.

Coach Taylor

2. Coach Eric Taylor

Not much needs to be said about Eric Taylor. He started off as someone who seemed to care more about football than his family but in the end made the decision that created the most happy for the Taylors. He shaped boys into men daily on the football field. He is a guy that most certainly every single man would love to slam 18 beers with. Most importantly he created a motto that should be used to shape this universe…Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.


1. Tim. Riggins.

In my opinion he might be the greatest character ever to be in a television series. Tim Riggins lived the life. He was a star on the football team. He banged every piece of tail in that place, including his crippled best friend’s girlfriend. Oh and his hot milf neighbor. He showed up to practice drunk, stole money from a meth dealer, ran a chop shop, went to jail for his brother so he could start his family, and showed every youth of America how to give zero fucks. Here’s to you Tim Riggins, Texas Forever

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