Is Aaron Rodgers Encouraging Alcoholism?

Imagine the face of your franchise encouraging fans to become addicted to a substance that takes thousands of lives every year. Imagine your quarterback encouraging this behavior because he does not think you are cheering loud enough. That is what Aaron Rodgers is doing to Packers fans. I, for one, feel bad for the great … Continue reading Is Aaron Rodgers Encouraging Alcoholism?

Should We Buy Into The Mitch Trubisky MVP Hype?

Mitch Trubisky is the most important human being in Chicago nowadays. Chicago will forever be a Bears city before anything. Everyone loves the Cubs, the Hawks took the city by storm for a hot second, picketers prefer to stand outside Gar/Pax’s office regularly, but nothing would light this city on fire like a Bears Super … Continue reading Should We Buy Into The Mitch Trubisky MVP Hype?